Buy Iboga

We are glad to serve for any customers around the world. The only rule is that Iboga and Ibogaine has to be legal in your country.

You can buy Iboga on our Website. We are located in Ukraine and Russia.

Our prices are following:

Iboga Root Bark (any amount):

  • 1 gram = $8.00
  • 1 gram of TA (total alkaloid extract) = $85 made on order
  • 1 gram of HCL extract (pure ibogaine) = $290 made on order

Shipping cost will be calculated according to post office price policy.


We also supply our clients. Minimum bulk order is 500 grams. We accept bulk TA and HCL orders which are 5 grams for minimum order.

You can make your order by sending us email here: or by posting your order in comment right under this post.



2 thoughts on “Buy Iboga

  1. Добрый день, скажите пожалуйста, вы случайно не знаете клиники, где работают с русскоязычными? Ну или просто в районе Европы? Спасибо!!

    • Мы сотрудничаем с клиникой в Южной Африке. Насколько мне известно, там на русском никто из персонала не говорит, но я уточню. Сами мы имеем небольшой опыт в терапии, возможно, мы сможем вам помочь Мы ответили вам на емейл.

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